India Wood 2018

India Wood 2018 fair in Bangalore from 8–12 March 2018. India Wood 2018 is the world's leading exhibition for the furniture manufacturing and woodworking industry. With over 850 exhibitiors from 40 countries.

Swedish Wood participated with its own booth in the international section hall 4. In the booth you could meet representatives from Swedish Wood and Swedish sawmills. Information and brochures from the sawmill companies were provided, as well as the possibility to sit down for business discussions.

Swedish Wood participated in the seminar Timber Forum on the 10th of March. Please read about the seminar here.

A brief programme for the exhibition

8/3 10:35–18:00     Exhibition open

9/3 10:00–18:00     Exhibition open

10/3 10:00–18:00   Exhibition open

10/3 14:00–18:00    Timber Forum seminar

11/3 10:00–18:00   Exhibition open

12/3 10:00–16:00   Exhibition open


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