Swedish sawmills

There are many sawmills in Sweden producing sawn wood products. Please find out below what their specialities are. The Swedish sawmills that export sawn wood products to India are Holmen, Martinsons, Norra Timber, NWP, SCA, Setra Group, Siljan Timber and Södra Wood.


Holmen Timber has been producing and supplying timber since 1873. Today we have three ultramodern sawmills in Linghem, Iggesund and Braviken. We offer an even and high quality within our two main segments Living with Wood and Building with Wood. The joinery and furniture industry, window and flooring manufacturers and the building products trade are our principal customers.

Our products are focused on meeting the demands of the woodworking industry for visible wood in the residential setting as well as the construction industry mainly for single and multi family housing.

Website holmen.com
Email info@holmentimber.com
Telephone +46 8 666 21 00


Martinsons transforms the northen Swedish forest into innovative components and ready-to-use solutions which adds value and contribute to an increase in the use of wood. The group consists of a umber of separate companies, each of which specializes in its own are of operation. The Martinsons is a family own company with 3 sawmills and boasts Europe's most modern sawmill with a total production of 500.000 m³, constitutes Sweden's largest producer of glulam, and is the Nordic leader in wooden bridges and building systems using Cross laminated wood, CLT.

Website martinsons.se
Email susan.tsang@sca.com
Telephone +852 9222 7252



Norra Timber is one of Swedens leading companies in the forestry industry. Our modern plants manufacture a comprehensive range of high quality timber products for customers throughout the world. Product customisation is a cornerstone of our work with a major part of our sawn timber output consisting of processed materials.

Website norra.se
Email erik.eliasson@norra.se
Telephone +46 90 156 752



Norrskog Wood Products (NWP) sawmills produce 450.000 m³ wood products per year, of which about 50% is spruce (WhiteWood) and 50% is pine (RedWood). The production takes place in the north of Sweden on our two sawmills. Most of the products are used for joinery, decking, garden timber, exterior cladding, interior panelling (matching), mouldings, furniture, windows, doors and door frames. A considerable proportion of the production goes to different manufacturing industires for glulam (as lamina), flooring etc or to the building sector as construction timber (strenght graded timber, Benban) or formwork timber. NWP is exporting to markets in Europe, North Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Website norrskog.se
Email daniel.fardeman@norrskog.se
Telephone +46 101 502 625



SCA Timber is Europes biggest private forest owner with forest holdings in the northern part of Sweden. Next to the forest SCA operate an extensive forest products industry with production of pulp, magazine paper, packaging paper and sawn timber. SCA Timber China & S.E. Asia has its head office in Hong Kong and is specialized in the supply of Nordic timber products to China and South East Asia. We are one of Europes biggest manufacturers of sawn timber with five large sawmills. In addition, we also represent the brands Gallo, Martinsons and Holmen in Vietnam. The very slow grown fiber from north Sweden is suitable for production of furniture, wall panels, garden products and other visible products. Our forests and our timber are certified according to FSC.

Website sca.com
Email susan.tsang@sca.com
Telephone +852 9222 7252



Setra Group, one of Swedens largest wood companies and a leading player in Europe, offers ecocertified wood products for interiors and construction to customers in the building materials trade and industry. The raw material used is high-quality Swedish pine and spruce. All production units are certified according to the ISO 14001 environmental management system and have traceability certification according to both FSC and PEFC.

SILJAN refining wood since 1897. Siljan Timber can offer a wide range of top quality sawn and planed softwood products. We source our logs from one of the best raw material areas in Europe. A consistently high quality is achieved by utilizing the very latest innovative technology. SILJAN clients can rely upon us for our total commitment to provide the best and most consistent quality and personal service. SILJAN consists of two sawmills and one planing mills situated in the middle of Sweden, producing both high quality redwood and whitewood. Annual production is 460.000 m³ sawn Wood per year. Today we export our products to more than 30 different countries in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

SILJAN offers a wide range of solid wood products for industrial purposes, high quality pine and spruce, personal service and delivery assurance. Our excellent raw material base is refined primarily for industrial customers with manufacture of products for interior use above all, but even for other visual applications as well.

Website siljan.com
Email tom.wallen@siljan.com
Telephone +46 702 360 264


Sodra Wood
 is a business area in the Sodra Group that produces sawn and planed timber of spruce, pine as well as interior wood products, such as mouldings, paneling, solid & parquette flooring. Sodra Wood annually produces 2.1 million m³ of sawn timber and a range of wood products. More than 50 000 forest owners in southern Sweden are members of the economic association that is Sodra.

Website sodra.com
Email daniel.olausson@sodra.com
Telephone +46-725 693 717 

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