Swedish sawmills

There are many sawmills in Sweden producing sawn wood products. Please find out below what their specialities are. The Swedish sawmills that export sawn wood products to India are Norra Timber, Sodra Wood and Moelven.


Moelven is one of the biggest Scandinavian wood processing companies. Our products are a natural choice for all, who appreciate Scandinavian raw materials and quality. Moelven have 43 manufacturing plants and 32 sales & service offices divided in 3 divisions: 

Timber — sawn timber (export) 
Wood — building and interior products 
Building Systems —giulam, building modulel and building furnishing 

Spruce and pine sawn timber offered by Moelven is sourced from northern Europe (central Sweden and south-east Norway) where the fiber is slow grown and strong. Our products are used, among others, in production of furniture, doors & windows, floors, components and in construction sector – nearly all milis in Moelven have stress grading equipment. Our sawn timber is FSC and PEFC-certified.


Website moelven.com
Email hans.nassen@moelven.no
Telephone +47 902 11 640


Norra Timber
 is one of Swedens leading companies in the forestry industry. Our modern plants manufacture a comprehensive range of high quality timber products for customers throughout the world. Product customisation is a cornerstone of our work with a major part of our sawn timber output consisting of processed materials.

Website norra.se
Email erik.eliasson@norra.se
Telephone +46-90 156 752





Sodra Wood
 is a business area in the Sodra Group that produces sawn and planed timber of spruce, pine as well as interior wood products, such as mouldings, paneling, solid & parquette flooring. Sodra Wood annually produces 2.1 million m³ of sawn timber and a range of wood products. More than 50 000 forest owners in southern Sweden are members of the economic association that is Sodra.

Website sodra.com
Email daniel.olausson@sodra.com
Telephone +46-725 693 717

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