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  • Swedish pine – material of the future in the Trend Exhibition at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

    PRESS RELEASE Pine’s position as an interesting material of the future is clearly showcased in the Trend Exhibition created by the Swedish design studio Halleroed for Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair on 6–10 February. It is a wood species that can take on a wealth of innovative expressions thanks to modern surface treatments and new technology. There are many reasons why this is an exciting collaboration for the industry organisation Swedish Wood.

  • The Swedish sawmill industry sees big potential to support the fast-growing Vietnamese wood processing industry

    PRESS RELEASE The Swedish sawmill industry, gathered under the name Swedish Wood, participated in the Vietnam Wood fair in Ho Chi Minh City, and organized a seminar together with three Vietnamese wood and furniture industry associations. At the event, Swedish Wood presented special features of Swedish wood and its application in modern design and architecture, including the benefits of using Swedish wood as an innovative material to support the Vietnamese wood processing industry.

  • Swedish wood construction an attractive prospect in Russia

    Russia is a country with substantial access to forest raw material, making it an important player in the forest industry. But for news about the latest trends in wood construction, Russia’s major architectural fair ARCH Moscow turned to Sweden.

  • Swedish pine is a material of the future in China, according to a trend report

    Wood products in Swedish pine were exhibited in the China Design Trends Gallery at Asia’s leading international design event, Design Shanghai, on 8-11 March 2017. The pine was used to illustrate the trend “Playful Craftsmanship”, which reflects the demand from the Chinese middle class for unique design that tells a story.

  • DesigninPine - Nine new furniture designs promote pine in Sweden and China

    At the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair on 7-11 February, third-year students on the Furniture Design programme at Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies (Malmstens) will be presenting the results of the unique collaborative project #DesigninPine. There are nine items of furniture, each representing a successful meeting of Swedish design, Swedish pine and modern Chinese furniture manufacturing. Welcome to the launch and VIP gathering.

  • Swedish design in pine for the Chinese market at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

    #DesigninPine is a unique collaborative project between the industry body Swedish Wood, Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies (Malmstens), Linköping University and two Chinese furniture manufacturers. At the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair on 7-11 February, the students involved will be presenting their examples of innovative Swedish design in pine for young Chinese people, in the form of nine prototypes manufactured in China.

  • Huge interest in Swedish wood at furniture fair in Western China

    Having been active for many years in China’s east coast cities such as Shanghai and Guangzhou, the industry organisation Swedish Wood has now taken part in a furniture fair in the inland city of Chengdu, in Western China. Chengdu is a potentially important growth area for Swedish sawmill exports and the aim of Swedish Wood’s stand at the fair was to inspire and inform the Chinese furniture industry about Swedish wood and to create new contacts between them and representatives from Swedish sawmill companies.

  • Europe inspires Chinese high-rise timber construction

    In 2015 China decided to promote timber as a viable alternative to conventional steel and concrete construction of high-rise buildings. This decision will not only have a positive impact on the climate, with timber being the only renewable building material, but also on European exports of timber products. Since the 1st of June a Chinese delegation has been visiting Europe in order to learn from European modern timber construction experts. By the end of the year China will have established norms and standards enabling the construction of high-rise timber buildings of up to 18 stories.

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