London Design Week

Following the success of the 2018 Swedish Design Pavilion, Swedish Wood is delighted to sponsor an even bigger and better pavilion at this year’s London Design Fair.

The 2019 Pavilion is a re-usable temple-like structure made from pre-finished pine designed by Förstberg Ling. The Pavilion hosts designers mainly from the south of Sweden.

Constructed entirely from pine, the "temple-like" design would not be possible without sponsors Swedish Wood, who are through the pavilion, demonstrating pine wood's versatility as a construction material. 

This year, there will be a special Swedish Wood exhibition showcasing furniture from three established and five graduate Swedish designers, along with examples of pre-finished pine. The Fair hosts 550 exhibitors from 36 countries, with 30,000 visitors expected.

Read about Swedish Wood and London Design Week here. Read about the design students here.

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