Kyrkesund holiday home in Brännan, Ljungdalen, Härjedalen.

“We wanted to create a house that would age gracefully. It’s going to get better and better over time.”


“We want to be part of a movement that chooses better materials for the walls, and not just because of an interest in the look.”

Daniel Widman

Ljungdalen holiday home was designed as a mountain chalet for a large family and is a paraphrase or a modern interpretation of the traditional timber buildings in Härjedalen. The idea is that it should melt into the landscape with the same composure as a barn or a log cabin, forming a natural part of the local heritage. The untreated wood façade in close-grain heartwood pine will age over time and take on a natural variation, depending on the direction that the façades are facing. The main body of the building is long and narrow, in line with local building traditions, creating rooms where you can follow the progress of the day, as daylight enters from several directions.

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