Modern building techniques allow us to build cost-effective, fast and climate-friendly with a high degree of flexibility that allows different types of adaptations to both the city and the room’s daily and long-term needs for change. For an office building these are all desirable properties.

Using wood in the construction is a way to achieve a working space that suits all needs. Large office buildings erected in densely populated urban areas can benefit from off-site production of engineered timber. The building process is quick and efficient with less noise pollution.

Remodeling, as increasing the size of the building, or rearranging existing space, is easily done with a wood construction. Another benefit of an office with a wooden framework is that wood provides great thermal performance, which means it is efficient to heat and cool and therefore save considerable amounts on utility bills. It has also been indicated that working in timber surrounds can lead to a lower heart rate and blood pressure.

Ulls house

Ulls house at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala. A fantastic work environment by Ahrbom & Partners together with structural engineer Bjerking.

Photo Åke E:son Lindman

Photo Åke E:son Lindman

Videum Science Park

Videum Science Park in Växjö is built as two volumes with 3 000 m2 office space per building. By Arkitektbolaget and PEAB.

Photo Ole Jais

Värö bruk

Värö bruk, a center for research and development for Sodra actually consists of two wooden volumes with a glased ceiling between them. By Arkitektbolaget and Skanska.

Photo Ole Jais

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