Sawn timber range

Builder’s merchants and timber merchants carry a wide range of timber in many dimensions and grades. The current market is dominated by planed dimensions.

Measurements are stated in millimetres, thickness (A) x width (B).

The measurement usually quoted by retailers for tongue and groove wood and mouldings is their overall width (B). However, in the Swedish standard the measurement given for these products is the coverage width (C). Sheathing described by retailers as 23 x 95 mm is thus listed as 23 x 85 mm in the Swedish standard.

Profiled boards may have grooves on the reverse to limit dimensional changes.
Tongue and groove wood, e.g. sheathing or internal cladding, may be profiled on four sides, with a tongue or groove along both the long edges and the short edges.

Profiled boards are generally named according to the way the boards are joined and their appearance. Terms used to describe the appearance of profiled boards include rebate, tongue, groove, bevel and double bevel.