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  • Bank that dares to innovate

    ARTICLE Triodos Bank’s new headquarters in the Netherlands are the pinnacle of sustainability. The building is fully circular, which means that all the materials in it, except the foundations, can be disassembled and recycled. It is also the world’s first material bank.

  • Wood products from Sweden in high demand with limited supply

    PRESS RELEASE Demand for wood products remains high, but their supply is limited. Despite full production and manufacturing records in March, Swedish sawmills currently have their lowest stock levels for over 20 years, which has put pressure on sawn wood prices. 

  • My mantra is to be of use to society and to people

    ARTICLE He has been in the industry for 70 years and is still much in demand as an interior architect, always with a focus on function. He likes practical objects and is best known for his chairs. Meet Åke Axelsson, who has a vision for circular furniture production.

  • Rules for grading sawn timber – now in English

    Industry organisations, Swedish Wood and Svenskt Trätekniskt Forum, are launching a new handbook called Commercial Grading of Timber, in partnership with Suomen Sahateollisuusmiesten Yhdistys in Finland and Treindustriens Tekniske Forening in Norway. The handbook is the English version of the Swedish title Handelssortering av trävaror.

  • Lower carbon footprint with digital help

    ARTICLE Minimise the building’s carbon footprint on the drawing board. With advanced digital tools, it is possible to do a life cycle analysis and immediately see what effect different choices have on the building’s carbon footprint.

  • A new silhouette in World Heritage Karlskrona

    ARTICLE The naval town of Karlskrona is known for a creative spirit that goes all the way back to 1680, when King Karl XI chose to locate Sweden’s new naval base here. Since then, the town has attracted innovators of all kinds, who have been courageous and inventive in pushing boundaries and turning their ideas into reality. There is always an eye on the future here, as demonstrated by the Kilströmskaj housing project.

  • Unique collaborative project focuses on the climate

    ARTICLE Last autumn saw work start on the Cederhusen housing development in the new district of Hagastaden, on the border between Solna and Stockholm. Behind the scenes of what is one of the world’s biggest wood construction projects in an inner-city environment, a unique collaborative project is underway. The aim is to move the construction industry forward with regard to standardised digital solutions, and make it easier to choose the options that offer a lower impact on the climate plus greater efficiency and traceability.

  • Ateljé i Södersvik wins Swedish Wood Award 2020

    PRESS RELEASE At the Wood Award Gala 2020, it was announced that the winner of the Swedish Wood Award 2020 is Ateljé i Södersvik – a studio building that architects Anders Johansson and Anja Thedenius designed for themselves in Roslagen, outside Norrtälje. Building contractor was Ruben Albersson. The winner was celebrated by over 1000 people when the gala was streamed live from Berns in Stockholm on 2 December.

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