Infrastructure & parking garages

The great span and strength that wooden structures offer can also be applied to bridges and buildings like a parking garage.

The wooden bridge can have a great spann and as other bridges contain spaces for elctricity, water and sweage. A wooden parking garage can be light and well ventilated, even when built on multiple storeys. With a visible wooden structure and details, it can give a place that is often dark and damp, a new exciting appearance.

The Älvsbacka bridge

The Älvsbacka bridge in Skellefteå with a spann of 130 metres for pedestrians and cyclists. Constructed by Martinsons and COWI.

Photo Patrick Degerman

The parking garage Ekorren

The parking garage Ekorren in Skellefteå, three storeys for parking on top of the stores. The floors are covered with polyuretan. By AIX Architects and Plusshus.

Photo Patrick Degerman

Photo Patrick Degerman

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