Villa Eder-Hederus

“Generally speaking, I think it’s wonderful to see the structure as part of the interior design, and to see the way the exterior details of the extension relate to the original building.”


”The choice of materials was governed not only by their quality and feel, but also by their structural opportunities.”

Josef Eder

The original house in Kummelnäs, Nacka, is one of the oldest in the area. The plot is a little oddly shaped as it was once part of an old road that wound its way around the foot of a hill and between the oak trees. The entrance has been moved to the new addition on the old road. The entrance hall provides the link between old and new, and now stands in the middle of the house, with a main room in each building, plus a kitchen in the old part and a living room in the new part. The new extension joins up the different levels, with the living room slightly lowered so that it opens onto the garden. The façade detailing on the new building harks back to the cover boarding on the original, but uses a cladding material and framing system with a whole new rhythm.

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