Wood furniture

Photo: Åke E:Son Lindman

Wood has played a vital role in the Swedish furniture industry for generations. The local, flexible and attractive material was an obvious choice, and now wood is used by most of the companies that manufacture furniture. Almost every Swedish home has at least one item of wooden furniture.

The Swedish furniture industry is also considered a world leader on sustainability. Swedish furniture companies have long been working on, and developing processes for, refurbishing and upgrading furniture with a view to extending their service life. A quality item of furniture that is built to last in terms of both quality and design, can be used for many generations. That is sustainability in a nutshell.

More Swedish timber in Swedish furniture production

The Swedish furniture industry accounts for around 1 percent of the overall annual consumption of wood. This is a low figure, but the industry could expand its use of local Swedish timber in its furniture through broad cooperation. Swedish Wood and our member companies are working on a number of innovation and research projects to encourage wider use of Swedish resources in Swedish furniture production.

Wood’s contribution

Historically, factories were set up near the raw material. To this day, many furniture companies and production facilities are located in small towns close to the forest. As such, the industry helps to keep the whole of Sweden thriving – a vital social and economic benefit, on top of the material’s natural credentials for a sustainable furniture industry.

Regulations and standards – Sustainable furniture

An overview of sustainability labels and certifications for wooden furniture.


Möbelfakta READY

This label shows that the supplier meets the market’s expectations and is ready to supply components for the sustainable furniture of the future.

Möbelfakta READY simplifies the supplier’s work on documentation and labelling, which indicates that you meet the market’s requirements concerning quality, the environment and responsible supply chains. 
If you are a supplier to manufacturers whose products carry the Möbelfakta label, being certified yourself provides a guarantee that your products or components meet Möbelfakta’s standards. 
Since the label covers every part of the Möbelfakta scheme, your products and components meet the requirements set out in public procurements. 
Labelled products or components are listed on Möbelfakta’s website.


Möbelfakta – Möbelfakta is a reference and labelling system for furniture. The system sets quality requirements regarding safety and function, the environment and social responsibility in the supply chain. Möbelfakta is a Type 1 certification scheme as defined by ISO 14024, meaning that it involves auditing by a third party. IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institutes runs Möbelfakta Sverige AB as a non-profit company via the website mobelfakta.se. The label functions in Sweden and Norway.

EU Ecolabel

The EU Ecolabel is the joint certification scheme for the EU, under the auspices of the European Commission. A number of different types of furniture for both public and domestic settings can be certified. The requirements focus on wood from sustainable forestry, minimal impacts from substances that are hazardous to health and the environment, and VOC emissions.
The label is international and functions across much of the world. 

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel for furniture and fitments includes requirements to ensure the use of wood from sustainable forestry in production, minimal impacts from substances that are hazardous to health and the environment, and a lower climate and energy impact. The Swan is a Nordic ecolabel owned by the company Miljömärkning Sverige AB, which in turn is 100 percent state-owned. See the website svanen.se. The pan-Nordic label functions in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

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