Kyrkesund holiday home

“I was very inspired by the Swedish Wood Award right from my time studying architecture. The prize feels extremely ambitious.”


“The site required a sensitivity in the interplay between house and plot, and wood made it possible to deal with the ground conditions so precisely. Wood is the most responsive material I know.”

Mattias Gunneflo

Two buildings form an elegant pair in carefully considered locations. The main building enjoys views across the sound. The smaller building provides screening from the neighbours. The cross-section of the main building was informed by the terrain and the client’s brief. The interior layout is almost primitive in its design, with a focus on gathering around the fire and the views. The chimney breast stands in the centre of the building, providing two fireplaces, one on top of the other. The windows look out entirely onto pristine nature and public spaces. The entrance stands out as the only opening in the façade, making it clearly identifiable from the road, which is quite a way away. Norwegian Wenche Selmer’s simple little holiday homes are a key reference, as reflected in the small scale and the consistent use of wood.

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