Guide to assessing CLT surface quality

This Guide to assessing CLT surface quality is intended to provide support for developers, project managers, architects, purchasers and others at the start of a project and for inspectors and contractors at the end.


Inspectors should be able to use this guide to assess knots, ch ecks and other features that affect the surface quality of a CLT element. The guide also aims to provide assurance to clients about the basic surface qualities available when choosing exposed CLT surfaces in a building. This helps to ensure re alistic expectations and an acceptance that some checks or other visual changes may occur due to the nature of wood as a living material. For developers and con tractors, the guide contains information that can be used to support tenders and qu otations. Furthermore, the publication lays the foundation for reducing additional work after the CLT project – from clients asking a long list of ques tions about knots, checks and other features – and for less in the way of cost ly complaints.

The publication has been produced jointly by industry body Swedish Wood and Sweden’s CLT manufacturers.

24 pages, format A4.

Read Guide to assessing CLT surface quality here

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