Naturum Tåkern

Naturum Tåkern, Glänås, Väderstad.

“The building’s design was informed by our interest in thatch. Reeds are harvested and exported to Denmark. Why not use them for locally grown façades?”  


“All the beams were prefabricated in a CNC milling machine to ensure precise angles in every direction.”

Jonas Edblad

Tåkern’s visitor centre looks like it was carved out of a block of thatch. But the solid-looking exterior conceals a large space, open to the birds and to the heavens. The folds bring the shape closer to those found in nature. The buildings and the tower also seek to be no more than hides on the edge of the forest.

The design of the main building is in fact a consequence of the interior’s limited need for openings. The ridge is usually the most sensitive part of a thatched roof, but here it has been replaced with glass, bringing heavenly light to the space below. A small portion of the lake’s reeds are cut each year, and the building is clad in the 2011 harvest from Väversunda Farm – around 36 million reeds.

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