The Glulam Handbook volume 1-4


The Glulam Handbook Volumes 1–3 are the result of a collaboration between
glulam manufacturers and the industry organisations in Finland, Norway and Sweden. The Glulam Handbook Volumes 1–3 are available in three languages – English, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish. The content of these versions is adapted to meet Eurocode 5 and the associated national annexes, NA.

The Glulam Handbook Volume 4 is available in Swedish and English. It was produced by Swedish Wood and funded by the Swedish glulam manufacturers.

  • Volume 1 contains facts about glulam and planning guidance.
  • Volume 2 provides calculations for the structural dimensioning of glulam.
  • Volume 3 gives a number of example calculations for the most com mon glulam structures.
  • Volume 4 provides knowledge on the planning and assembly of glul am structures.

Further knowledge, information and practical instructions on wood, glulam, CLT and wood construction are available on Wood Campus,, which is constantly updated with new knowledge and practical experiences. Wood Campus is an extensive resource with tables, drawings and illustrations.

Read the Glulam Handbook here

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