Digitalisation of wood products

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It will soon be possible to trace every plank back to the forest where the tree once grew. The specific environmental credentials that the delivered plank carries with it when it becomes part of a building will also be well documented – all in a drive to make it easier to replace, reuse or recycle material at some point in the future.

Swedish Wood is running a project to implement standards for wood products in order to enable identification, traceability, property documentation and digital communication. Automatically gathering digital “climate data” will also pave the way for a more resource-efficient industrial process that can keep down costs, the climate footprint and lead times. This in turn lays the foundation for greater reuse and supports progress towards a circular economy.
Digitalisation and standardisation of wood products is also a great help with climate declarations and life cycle assessments, for example.
Read more about the CIRCLA project and the sub-project “4 steps to GTIN” which Swedish Wood is coordinating and implementing in collaboration with a number of project partners.
The website is where we gather data on product types and the products of the member companies. The platform is updated on an ongoing basis.

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