Råå Preschool

“The lines and rhythms of the dune landscape have been incorporated into the design, with additional inspiration from the small fishermen’s huts. Råå Preschool’s distinctive shapes clearly indicate that it was designed specifically for the site. The building has almost grown out of the area and the surroundings.”


“Wood can do so many things. It’s a living material, it gives life and warmth. It can be treated to create so many different looks, from a highly polished to a rawer, more weather-beaten and driftwood-like appearance, which is what we chose for Råå Preschool.”

Pernille Svendsen

Råå Preschool takes its cues from the surrounding landscape, the gently sloping sand dunes and the distinctive typology of the fishermen’s huts. Four classes, each with their own room, are represented in the façade by the gables that echo those fishermen’s huts. Large windows in the façade and roof establish contact with the sea and the surrounding landscape, while also providing optimum daylight all year round. Sheltered from the Öresund strait is a natural playground. Much of the design work involved creating spaces that enable children and adults to embark on their own adventures.

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