Architecture in wood

The Timber Prize is an architectural prize incepted by Swedish Wood. It is awarded every four years to a building that embodies exemplary Swedish architecture in wood and which reflects and inspires the times we live in.

” What is their message, these passionate wood builders and architects? It is about the sensation, experience, smells inside a wood building, the roots in the Nordic identity and the expanse of forests, the historical tradition. Simply put, the emotional dimension. But there is also the rational dimension: the rapid building times, the minimal climate impact, the lower costs, the possibilities for recycling, the infinite potential for a diverse spectrum of engineering solutions and architectural statements.."
/ the jury 2016

The Swedish Timber Prize
The Swedish Timber Prize (Sw: Träpriset) is one of Sweden’s biggest and most important architectural competitions, presented every four years to a building that represents good architecture in wood and that reflects and improves the times we live in. The winner of the Swedish Timber Prize 2016 will be the 12th winner since 1967. The Tomtebo forest sauna outside Gävle won the prize in 2012 and was designed by Meter Arkitektur in collaboration with their clients the Seitola-Gunnarssons. Before that, in 2008, the prize went to a housing development designed by Brunnberg and Forshed Arkitektkontor. The Swedish Timber Prize was established by Swedish Wood.

Architecture in wood 2016

Emils Backe - Trosa
Fritidshus Kyrkesund - Tjörn
Ljungdalen - Härjedalen
Mölle by the sea - Höganäs
Naturum Tåkern - Väderstad
Råå förskola - Helsingborg
Skagershuset - Årsta, Stockholm
Strandparken - Sundbyberg
Trätorn, Norra Länken - Stockholm
Ville Eder-Hederus - Nacka

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