Working environment and living environment

Improve the working environment

Everyone knows that wood is good for the environment. But how many realise that it is also good for the working environment?

Less noise and dust
Can a construction site feel pleasant and comfortable? That might be going a bit far. But one thing is for sure, a workplace with an unusually low noise level and low quantities of dust is a much more pleasant place to work. The modern way of constructing wooden buildings transforms the construction site into an assembly site.

Wood is flexible
Wood can easily be worked and crafted with simple tools. More than almost any other construction material, wood therefore allows for last-minute changes to the building. And these adjustments and adaptations can be carried out using traditional hand tools. Wood is easy to work with in terms of holes, cutouts and fixings, making it easy to secure installations in place. Natural spaces in floor structures and walls units also make it easier to run cables and pipes.

Improve the living environment

Photo: Johan Ardefors

Wood is the residents’ preferred choice
As a construction material, wood is felt to be attractive and natural, and consumers have a strong connection to it. The climate issue has, of course, also contributed to the popularity of wood. From an environmental perspective, renewable construction materials are the only sustainable option, and today’s highly engaged Swedes are becoming more and more inclined to make smart environmental choices.

Healthy indoor climate
Wood represents a healthy and cosy living environment. It simply feels right to surround yourself with it. Walking barefoot on a soaped or oiled wood floor is a special feeling and compared with other materials, a wood floor can feel warm despite low indoor temperatures. Furthermore, wood has a capacity to even out humidity; the wood stores moisture during damp times of the year and then releases it during the drier seasons, keeping indoor air humidity nice and even.

Minimum disruption
A positive side-effect of wood construction taking place in a factory is that the living environment around the build is more pleasant, since the disruption to neighbours is neither as significant or as long. There is also no need to close off or re-route local traffic to the same extent.

The structural frame of the eight-storey block Limnologen in Växjö has a solid wooden floor structure and load-bearing walls. The stairwell and lift shaft are also wood.

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