Karlstad Market Conference 2020

Podcast episode devoted to Swedish Wood´s Karlstad Market Conference 

Usually, the Elite Stadshotell in Karlstad, Sweden, is full around 19 November each year. The Karlstad Market Conference has long provided a natural meeting place for industry colleagues from Sweden and further afield. Now, Swedish Wood is instead setting aside a whole segment of its podcast to explore the issues that would otherwise have been discussed face-to-face in Karlstad. The episode will look at the current status of the wood market, how coronavirus has affected the wood industry and whether any changes can be seen in the global trading patterns for wood.

About Swedish Wood’s podcast 

Swedish Wood’s podcast will be led by Mathias Fridholm, who is Director of Swedish Wood. He will be talking to influential figures about why we should design and build in wood and how wood can contribute to an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable future. The wood market episode will be in English, while the other episodes will be in Swedish. Swedish Wood’s podcast is available from wherever you get your podcasts. Simply search for Swedish Wood in Swedish - Svenskt Trä.