Stockholm Design Week

This is the most important week for Scandinavian design. Swedish Wood are involved in both online and offline activities during the week and we have chosen a selection of the most interesting activities if you want to get inspired by wood.

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Online seminars and talks about wood and sustainability during Stockholm Design Week.

Stockholm Design & Architectures Talks

Reinterpreting Scandinavian Vernacular

Photo: Åke E:son Lindman

10/02/2021, 09:40-10:10

A talk focusing on the interest in traditional materials and forms, and how to reinterpret and make them relevant in our contemporary architecture. What can we learn and take with us for the future? How is this related to a more sustainable architecture? 

Speakers are architects from the Swedish Wood Award 2020  - the winner Atelje Södersvik, and one of the nominated projects, Hotell Orbaden. 

The moderator is Mark IsittSpeakers are Thomas Sandell at Sandell Sandberg, Hanna Michelson at Fria Folket and Anders Johansson at Södersvik Arkitektur. The event is in English. 

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Urban living-rooms - Sustainable interiors in wood

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Foto: Martinsons/Jonas Westling 

2021-02-10, klockan 14:20-14:50

A talk focusing on interior spaces, where the acoustic, tactile, and aesthetic qualities of wood are used to full potential at Sara Culture Centre in Skellefteå - one of the world’s largest public buildings in wood. 

Organised by Swedish Wood and Architects Sweden, within the framework of the exhibition Woodlife Sweden. The moderator is Lisa Daram, Lisa Daram ArkitekturSpeakers are Maria Orvesten, White Arkitekter, and Ola Rune, Claesson Koivisto Rune. The event is in English 

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Three design schools: engines in the innovation economy of Stockholm

10/02/2021, 15:00-15:30

A talk focusing on what today's design students in Sweden are working withWhat are the biggest opportunities and challenges in a post-Covid world? 

The moderator is Lia Forslund. Speakers yet to be announced. The event is in English. 

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Architects Sweden - Nominees for Guldstolen

10/02/2021, 16:20 - 16:50

A talk with an in-depth presentation of the four nominated projects of the Guldstolen Award 2020Architects Sweden awards Guldstolen (the Golden Chair Prize) annually to a recently completed interior design of high architectural quality. The event is in Swedish. 

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Other online events

Bjelin - Wood in house and home


11/02/2021, 12:00 - 12:50

This roundtable discussion is about sustainable wood as a material and its many features 

The moderator is Mark Isitt, architecture critic and host Svt & TV4. Panelists are Hanna Nova Beatrice, editor-in-chief, New Era Magazine, Petra Gipp, architect SAR, Helena Eliason, Joyn Studio, interior architect SIR / MSA, Nicholas Ymén, materials consultant Bjelinand Anna Ervast Öberg, architect and responsible project developer for CederhusenThe event is in Swedish. 

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Inside Swedish Design

Stockholms auktionsverk - Online auction

08/02/2021 – 13/02/2021

This online auction with items from the leading furniture companies in Sweden at Stockholms Auktionsverk is arranged by the furniture cluster Interior Cluster Sweden in collaboration with Beckman's Design Academy, Swedish Wood and Swedish Design Movement. The event is in Swedish. 

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History and Future - Swedish furniture design in development

09/02/2021, 11.00

A talk focusing on the importance of sowing seeds for the future by strengthening young people's design history knowledge. How can we find better ways for collaboration, knowledge exchange and closer understanding between academia and industry? 

Participants are Lars Bülow, designer, architect MSA, founder of Möbeldesignmuseum Stockholm; Torsten Hild, Professor of furniture design, HDK at StenebyGbg University and Chairman of the Academy of Interior Architecture within Swedish ArchitectsAgneta Stake, design manager and founder; and Nola Mika Lindblad, design student who studied at Beckmans and is now specializing at Konstfack, with a number of current collaborations in the industry. The event is in Swedish. 

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Swedish-produced furniture - How do we enable increased use of locally produced wood?

09/02/2021, 13:00

A talk focusing on how to increase the use of locally produced wood in the furniture industry.  

The moderator is Anne Marchal. Participating are Martin Johansson, Stolab; Lisa HillandMylhta; Thomas Wilsson, Kinnarps; and Björn Nordin, Swedish WoodThe event is in Swedish. 

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Who does what in a circular future? - Circular future scenarios 2030

09/02/2021, 16.00

A talk focusing on various future scenarios that describe how we meet the need for furniture in companies and the public sector in 2030 in a circular way.  

Participants are Emma Rex, RISE Caroline Tottie, category manager for offices and consumption, SKL Kommentus Maria Olofsson, Brand Manager, OFFECCT Benny Hermansson, owner, sales and marketing manager, Gemla. The event is in Swedish. 

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Meeting places and happenings both digital and in real life during Stockholm Design Week about wood and sustainability.  

All offline events

Möbeldesignmusem - exhibition Ex-Works


10/10/2020 – 28/02/2021

The exhibition Ex-works is held digitally where students present their projects from the last year from Beckmans, HDK-ValandKonstfack and Malmstens. 21 of 23 projects are made of wood. 

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Malmstens, Konstfack och Beckmans – Superellipsen

Beckmans konstfack.jpg

08/02/2021 – 13/02/2021

An exhibition of MalmstensKonstfackBeckmans is held at Sergels Torg in Stockholm. 

Meet students of Malmstens represented in the exhibition and hear what they have to say about wood, craft and design. The ten design students have collaborated with furniture producer Johanson Design to create furniture for the schools of tomorrow. Presenting prototypes of innovative furniture in various materials. 

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Inside Swedish Design @Stockholm Design Week 2021


08/02/2021 - 14/02/2021

This online and offline meeting place with screenings and talks broadcast from Stockholm Auction House's premises in Stockholm. The initiative is arranged in collaboration with Beckman School of Design, Swedish Wood and Swedish Design Movement. 

The Inside Swedish Design exhibition is expected to be able to receive a limited number of guests physically, the new challenge is to connect the exhibition and the companies with the visitors digitally. The event is in Swedish. 

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Mylhta launching the little pine shelf

08/02/2021 - 14/02/2021

The launch of the Little Pine Shelf in collaboration with Carl Malmsten AB and Swedish Wood. Signed interpretations of the shelf by Anna Kraitz, Matti Klenell and Lisa Hilland will be auctioned off. All are approved by Carl Malmstens AB and will be sold via Stockholm AuktionsverkThe event is in English. 

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Skyltfönster NK - Marie-Louise Hellgren


08/02/2021 - 14/02/2021

One of the shop windows in NK in Stockholm, Sweden has been designed by designer Marie-Louise Hellgren. Among other things, recycled furniture made from recesses from the wood construction industry, recycling from furniture manufacturing and container finds are shown. 

The window shows, among other things, the daybed Spiderbed, the chair Lilla Snåland produced by Stolab, brushed pine floor from Norrlandsträ. 

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Woodlife - Designing a circular future


08/02/2021 - 14/02/2021

A new film about our circular future is launched. There are already four films from the Swedish Institute that promote ecological, economic and social sustainability. 

This film is about Marie-Louise Hellgren, a pioneer in the upcycling movement in Sweden, to develop a new chair from recyclables. 

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