Apparent simplicity

Photo: Markus Linderoth

The angled cladding allows soft light into and out of the building without creating any sharp shadows or contrasts in any direction.

A hobby workshop for the owner, for bats and for insects. That was the brief when it came to replacing an old shed next to a 300-year-old farmhouse on the plains of Skåne. The modest new building combines tradition and modernity, with the low roof pitch reflecting the rolling landscape.

The concrete corners clearly draw on Swiss barns, with a design that allows for a building with no diagonal stabilising elements. Simple details inside and out are inspired by Japanese architecture, with exposed glulam posts and beams. The horizontal timbers on the walls are angled and overlapped, with an air gap between them – protecting the inside from rain and providing pleasant light conditions with no direct sun or sharp shadows.

After dusk, the light gently seeps out through the sparse shell, turning the building into a natural light sculpture in the dark landscape, like a little sunset all of its own.

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