Public buildings

There are numerous examples of sizeable new wooden buildings with large spans. The load-bearing structure has to be adapted to the building’s span and to the loads that the building has to contend with. It should also make optimum use of materials. An exposed structure can be a key part of the building or room’s architecture.

Concrete and wood floor structure, other structural parts in glulam. Office block, Växjö. Photographer: Ole Jais

The combination of high strength and low weight goes some way to explain the growing trend we are seeing, whereby wood is used in large structures. Through engineered products such as glulam, solid wood components can be manufactured to span distances of 40 metres. The low weight simplifies transport and installation, which also has a positive financial effect. Nowadays, many in the construction sector are also very keen to use construction materials that have a lower environmental impact, and in this context people are of course increasingly seeing wood as the natural and sustainable option for large public buildings.

Aula Medica, Stockholm.

OKQ8, Häggvik.

Wooden bridge, Skellefteå.

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