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Design of Timber Structures

The book Design of Timber Structures is a compendium intended for the higher education of structural engineers. The various chapters contain everything from the fundamentals of the structures to in-depth knowledge of wood as a material, plus wooden structures, wooden components, connectors, composite components, stabilisation, deformation, vibrations, wood construction systems for buildings and outdoor wooden structures.

Order Design of Timber Structures here. . (available in Swedish and English).

Glulam Handbook

The handbook describes certified glulam – from manufacture and properties to use. It also provides extensive advice and instructions on designing glulam components, for example. Book launch on 21 April.


Swedish Wood Building Council

The Swedish Wood Building Council works to promote the wider use of modern wood construction techniques in the Swedish market. The Swedish Wood Building Council offers information and project support for clients such as municipalities and developers. The council has a particular focus on the areas of multi-storey buildings, public buildings and larger road bridges. The Swedish Wood Building Council is owned by Swedish Wood, together with the Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry (TMF).

Wood construction – a review of development and status

On behalf of Swedish Wood/The Swedish Forest Industries, Tomas Nord of Linköping University has put together  a summary of the development and status of industrial wood construction in the Nordic region. . The summary contains a short introduction to the obstacles and opportunities for wood construction in the early 1990s, followed by a review of the four Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The review includes the vision of each country regarding the plan to increase wood construction, plus the activities that have been implemented. Finally, the summary contains a status report on the proportion of wood in different types of building (housing, offices and other buildings).

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