Modern building

New architectural thinking
Wooden buildings are defined by exciting architecture, innovation and new thinking. Using wood as the only material, or in combination with other materials, offers unique opportunities to achieve attractive, exciting and harmonious buildings.

Europe building more in wood
A desire to open up the construction industry’s methods to competition, coupled with the issue of climate change, has prompted around 15 countries in Europe to establish various public programmes over the past few decades, aimed at increasing the use of wood in the construction sector. Now countries such as Finland are introducing regulatory changes in order to boost the building of multi-storey apartment blocks in wood. French President Sarkozy’s initiative launched in May 2009 is another example of a drive to dramatically increase the use of wood in construction projects.

Copperhill Mountain Lodge in Åre delivers a stunning design experience. Built in 2008. Photo Åke Eson Lindman.

The Uppfinnaren serviced office block is part of the Science Park at Växjö University.

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