Quality assured

In a factory it is hard to make mistakes
Industrial construction involves rational processes, automation and quality assurance. When the construction work is moved into an environment that is protected from wind and weather, the number of errors can be kept to a minimum, compared with traditional construction. It is also easier to identify and rectify errors in a process that is repeated many times under the same conditions.

The construction process in a factory is optimised to eliminate errors – bathroom floors, for example, are cast upside down to achieve the right slope on the floor.

Good sound insulation properties
Wooden buildings built today meet all the requisite sound insulation standards. A double structure between the apartments and proven sound damping solutions deliver a good sound classification. Wooden surfaces indoors also give a reverberation time that makes the acoustic environment more pleasant than in equivalent rooms using harder materials.

Domestic sprinklers save lives
With today’s technology, the choice of structural frame is irrelevant when it comes to fire risk. This is because the same functional requirements apply for wooden buildings as for other construction systems.

Almost all fires actually start in home furnishings (curtains, furniture, and so on), and here domestic sprinklers can play a crucial role. Modern wood construction systems in are specifically adapted so that domestic sprinkler systems can easily be installed. Domestic sprinklers extinguish fires with a small quantity of water and so carry less risk of water damage than traditional sprinklers. Fires can be extinguished early on with a domestic sprinkler, saving lives.

Modernisation of the construction methods makes the work more efficient, protects the structure, provides a good working environment and ensures quality.

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