Balder loft apartments

Type of building: Multi-storey building
Number of floors: 2
Number of apartments: 4
Where: Lidköping
Constructed area: 2480
Completed: 2001
Architect: Christer Malmström Arkitektkontor
Constructor: Piab in Gothenburg AB
Developer: AB Bostäder Lidköping


In the heart of Lidköping’s central grid layout stands this Falu red “warehouse”. This housing block, where the apartments on the upper floor project out over the garage on the lower floor, have a unique and modern look, while at same time sympathetically reflecting the older buildings in the city. Taking its reference from farming tradition, the building is split, with the “functional” part at street level having a different style to the residential level above. The architectural features are restrained, skilfully executed and liberatingly free from elements of pastiche.

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