Holiday home Fårö

Type of building: Single family house
Number of floors: 1,5
Where: Gotland
Completed: 2000
Architect: Gunnar Tarras Hollström
Entrepreneur: Gunnar Tarras Hollström
Developer: Gunnar Tarras Hollström and family

A stone’s throw from the sea, between high sand dunes, lies a collection of houses, with a cohesive grammar and colour palette. The fact that the architect is part of the family that lives here is apparent in every detail and movement. The combination of small units forms its own landscape – architecture as a state rather than a series of different objects. From inside the buildings, the sea can only be glimpsed in a few places, but the wide open seascape is just a 50 metre stroll away. The assured grouping of the buildings makes this experience new every time.

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