Naturum Fulufjället

Type of building: Museum
Number of floors: 2
Where: Älvdalen
Constructed area: 310
Completed: 2002
Architect: White Arkitekter, Uppsala through Gunilla Hagberg
Constructor: Tyréns Växjö through professor Tomas Alsmarker
Entrepreneur: Generalentreprenör NCC with Lennart Nauclear and Lars-Erik Backlund
Developer: The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency through Anders Bergquist and Per Wallsten

This building sits almost invisibly among the pines, as the last outpost of civilisation before the wilderness. The fully glazed gables in the otherwise quite closed and barn-like structure reinforce the building’s role as a broker between humanity and the pristine countryside. The large, pure wooden box, which appears to float above the marshes, is exemplary in the way it combines ecological ambitions with good architecture.

Interesting use has been made of the wood, both structurally and artistically. The result is an honest and powerful building of the highest quality.

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