Studios at the Nordic Watercolour Museum

Type of building: Museum
Number of floors: 1,5
Number of apartments: 5
Where: Tjörn
Constructed area: 240
Completed: 2000
Architect: Niels Bruun & Henrik Corfitsen, arkitekter MAA
Constructor: PI i Göteborg AB
Entrepreneur: Per Jacobsson Byggnads AB
Developer: Tjörn Municipality

The five guest studios on Bockholmen, right opposite the Nordic Watercolour Museum, form a free composition, anchored in the rock by a shared wooden deck. A space with exciting views of the water is formed between the buildings and the rocky landscape. The almost cuboid buildings have a streamlined design and elegant proportions. The silvered wooden façade is an attractive addition to the rocky seascape, with the group of buildings creating a harmonious interplay between wood, stone and water.


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