Riding hall Klagshamn

Name, Building year, Architect, Constructor: Ridanläggning Klagshamn, 2015, FOJAB Arkitekter, Martinsons Byggsystem Kristofer Malm, Project leader Ulf Lindgren.
Area: Klagshamn
Snow zone: 0,1
Speed press: ref. wind speed 26 m/s
Weight of roof, beam: 0,35kN/m2
Span: Width 44 m, Longest span 26,5 m
Load width of truss: 5,1 m
Section of truss: 3D-vy
Details of joints: No special roof plates

In Martinsons finished project includes also audience stands and media cube to the riding hall itself.

Manure houses, stables and shelters - these as separate buildings.

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