Type: Wooden bridge: Pedestrian and cycle bridge

Structure: Slab bridge

Municipality: Umeå

Year of production: 2006

Structural engineer: Martinsons Träbroar AB

Supplier: Martinsons Träbroar AB


At a length of 230 metres, the pedestrian and cycle bridge near Strömpilen shopping centre in Umeå is the longest wooden bridge to have been built in Sweden.

The unique design has caused many a raised eyebrow.

The curve of the wooden bridge was constructed in Svenska Träbroar’s new factory using its own system. It was then disassembled and transported to the assembly site for final installation.

Slab bridges are made using beams on edge that are tied together in a transverse direction using steel stays, either at a factory or on-site, depending on their length. Very long slab bridges can be made using multiple spans.

The deck is sealed with asphalt or gravel.

The design and surface treatment is performed in line with the relevant bridge standards and the service life of such a bridge is 80 years.

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