Solbrinken Ordinary House


Type of building
Single family house

Sofia Gromark Norinder and Tor Norinder

In Praise of Shadows Arkitektur AB through Katarina Lundeberg
Petra Gipp

Landscape architect
Alf Orvesten

Bavaria Bygg

Kajsa Gromark, Skanska


Solbrinken Ordinary House is the name of this far from ordinary wooden home that allows a family to live and work in parallel. It is a family villa with adjoining workspace and studio that sits in close harmony with the plot, offering a slice of civilisation in the middle of the rugged forest. The heavy wooden volumes of the main building run horizontally along the ground. Moving inside, the space reaches out to the forest and up to the rooflights. The enclosed studio creates a tranquil place to work, with volume created by lowering the floor a few steps. Light floods in via the large rooflight and the glazed section that covers the whole of the south gable.

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