Valla Berså

Name, building year: Valla Berså, 2017,
Developer: Lindstén fastigheter
Contractor: Åhlin  Ekroth Byggnads
Architect: Winell & Jern Arkitekter, Konstruktör Gärderup Byggkonstruktion AB, Frame provider: Martinsons Byggsystem
Area: Linköping
Total storey in wood: 5
Height from ground to ridge: 17,2m (fanroom 18,84m)
Wind speed and terrain type: Wind speed 24m/s, Terrain type 3
Snow zone: 2,0kN/m²
Stablization achieved via: cross laminated timber
Span of beam: Longest span 6,4m
Light class: light class B between apartments and on installation
R-value in wall and roof: Outer wall: 0,1W/m²    Roof: 0,08W/m²
Energy performance: NNE (Almost zero energy consumed house) total energy consume: ≤ 55kWh/m² A-temp/year
Total apartments: 69


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