Villa Arketorp

Type of building: Single family house
Number of floors: 2
Where: Jönköping
Constructed area: 180
Completed: 2001
Architect: acoop ab through Erik Ståhl, architectSAR
Constructor: Erik Perssons engineering office, Jönköping
Developer: Erik Ståhl

The elongated house sits on top of a hill, with the interior levels following the curves of the land. The slope is also echoed in the gently inclined roof, which gives the building its particular form. The wedge-shaped main body is supplemented with three small cubes, which contain bedrooms. The rather original solution for the layout is based on an orthogonal town plan. Axes lead between and through rooms and towards different outlooks. The austere Japanese front garden is also part of this grid plan. The building makes highly consistent use of wood. Indoors, the walls and ceilings are birch plywood throughout. Externally, the façade is finished in oil-impregnated spruce cladding.

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