"Listen to Zen—Tea Table" - designed by Chen Darui

Chen Darui, a well-known furniture designer in China, founded Maxmarko original brand in 2010 and is the chief designer. He has won EllE Decoration International Design Awards and many other prizes. His works has been exhibited in many countries in Europe and US.
Chen Darui works a great deal with wood. Much of his work fuses east and west, with traditional Chinese elements appearing in western, international pieces and creating a universal appeal. He believes that the core of design is to follow the law of the world and refine it to classics beyond the trend.
Furniture name
Listen to Zen—Tea Table
Chen Darui tried to find a pointcut to not only show the value of Swedish pine but also incorporate Chinese culture. The combination of Nordic material and Chinese
tradition is the design origin. Then he designed and made a painted tea table, which can either be used for two people sitting on and drink face-to-face, or several people sitting around. The tea tale indicates the grace of painted pine as well as the traditional Chinese philosophy of Zen and tea. The tranquility in Swedish forest and
the peace of Chinese Zen reach resonance through time and space on the small table.
Swedish pine
China Environmental Labelling certified, ISO14001 polyester paint (Brand: China Resourses)
aluminum (surface oxidated)
copper (surface oxidated)
A-grade leather cushion (PU filled inside)
Tel: 010-87227235
No. A6, Caochangdi Art Zone of
Chaoyang District Beijing

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