"Abakus" - designed by Zhu Xiaojie

Zhu Xiaojie is a well-known furniture designer and craftsman. He is the founder and art director of OPAL Furniture and Ouyao Er’nv, Principal of Wenzhou Furniture School, guest professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts, planner of “sit down” exhibition in Milan Design Week and “Yisi” design saloon in China International Furniture Fair, designer of CASANOVA, KOPENHAGEN FUR and WORK, deputy director of China Furniture Design Committee, director of Shanghai Furniture Design Committee. Author of Zingana, Furniture Design, I Teach Furniture Design, Design is not Original, Furniture Design Basics.
Zhu Xiaojie is a craftsman in China. He loves tradition. But he tends to express tradition by modern means of shape, manner, craft or material. He loves wood. He is traditional yet fashionable. He creates furniture. He builds houses. He plays with clay. He writes. He organizes exhibitions. But in principle, he is a craftsman.
Furniture name
Abacus Stool-Teapoy-Table
Abacus is a traditional Chinese arithmetic device for children’s elementary education. Zhu Xiaojie started from abacus and designed a set of furniture with the same structure and various sizes. The set can be used as abacus for children, and also as benches, tea tables or desks. They are functional and educational. Zhu Xiaojie wishes to encourage more children to think independently with their hands.
Swedish pine
Transparent acrylic Sheets
OPAL Furniture
Tel: 0577-86551234
No. 1 East Yucang Rd. Wenzhou
Development Area Zhejiang

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