"Floating Table" - designed by Wu Wei

Founder of the independent furniture brand Thru, Red Dot Design Award winner, guest mentor of Royal College of Art UK, one of the top ten young designers in China, outstanding young people of Sino-US Young Leader's Forum, selected craftsman of CCTV documentary Handicraft.
Wu Wei’s designs riff on traditional forms, integrating classic techniques with contemporary aesthetics. He uses furniture to tell a story, with Chinese tradition as the starting point. As with many woodworkers, Wu Wei is in awe of the special qualities of wood, calling it an “emotional, viable material,” and especially values handcrafting. Indeed, Thruwood is one of the rare independent brands where the designers still create largely by hand.
Furniture name
Floating Table
Wu Wei started the design with 3 initial thoughts - firstly, to take into consideration the natural features of Swedish pine, which is easy to shape. Secondly, to design something that can be used in modern life. Lastly, naturalism, which is a consistent theme of all Wu Wei’s work.
In the May journey, Wu Wei was obsessed with the lakes and ponds of all size in Sweden. These ponds are like natural bowls, containing precious gifts from the nature. He brought back this beautiful impression, and applied it to the design. Given the processability of Swedish pine, he decided to give up traditional storage solution like drawers. Instead, he scooped storage boxes out of a thick piece of wood, resembling ponds in nature.
These simple “ponds” can store books, paper, pen, and even wiring board. Considering the structural stability, Wu Wei used bolts inside to connect the table belly and legs. The table top is made of Swedish pine as well. He didn't make in a form so that you can flip it up and down. Instead, he dig out two grooves in the belly. And the table top can slide along the grooves. Users can easily take out stuff when they slide the top. Swedish pine is easy to pigment. Wu Wei painted the table top to distinguish it from the table bell.
Swedish pine
Four pre-cast zinc alloy bolts
Non-toxic OSMO wax oil
Tel: 010-64331201
46D, Caochangdi Art Zone of Chaoyang District Beijing

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