The pine lamp "Knall"

Applying their experimental work on light, the students at the school of furniture design have made their design ideas come to life in the Woodlights project.

"Knall" designed by Linnéa Werme. Photo: Olof Grind.

In the process of producing a light fixture in the pine I turned my gaze to the pristine pine forest and the yellowed varnished pine. From there I created a luminaire that allows expression of the material both sides.

Knall is a pendulum, with inspiration taken from the traditional chopping block translated in stylized form. I have chosen to highlight the pine softness, that makes it is easily damaged, and make it its strength. The split and brushed surface reminiscent of its cracks and unevenness of the texture and shape stubs get when for years they stand outside in all weathers.
The name Knall comes from the sound of the ax blade meets the log and it splits.

Linnéa Werme has since she, twelve years old, was in Barcelona and came in contact with the architect Antoni Gaudí's known that she will be working as a designer. She finds her inspiration in nature and the human body with its unique characteristics and forms. Linnéa places great importance to design furniture with interesting details, textures and surfaces that invites the spectator to touch and interact with them.

Prior to his studies at the Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies, she studied arts and crafts, wood and design at Grimslöv Folkhögskola in the deep forests of Småland and Nyckelviksskolan in Lidingö, Stockholm.

Here you can read the press release "The pine lamp – a bright new take on an old favourite" and downloads photos..

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