Joinery Handbook

The Joinery Handbook is the result of a collaboration between Swedish Wood, the Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry (TMF), universities and colleges.

The book is split into chapters that lead the reader through a process from initial concept to final product. Sustainability, particularly of the ecological kind, is a key factor to take into account in every stage of the process. However, the book also gives financial considerations plenty of attention, while also including a little about the historical and aesthetic dimensions. We have chosen to highlight these aspects as parts of a broader sustainability perspective. It is the artistically creative phase of the design process that establishes the form as something that not only stands up to practical use over time but also to repeated viewing. And it is in the history and the experience developed and tested over time that many of the solutions to our modern sustainability issues can be found. Embracing earlier advances and doing so with respect is not stealing as long as you are honest about your sources.
The content of this book is aimed at large companies, smaller joinery workshops and students who work in the design and production of furniture and fittings, pre-dominantly in softwood. Each chapter opens with a general presentation of its content, along with a few perspectives on history and aesthetics.

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