Silent Timber Build Seminar 28-29 April 2015 in Stockholm

Acoustic calculation tools for timber structures are of major importance for the timber industry in order to overcome any uncertainties regarding prediction of their performance. Welcome to an exciting seminar arranged by the European project Silent Timber Build in cooperation with Swedish Wood and the Swedish Wood Building Council.

Strandparken, Hamngatan 19, Sundbyberg, Sweden

"The aim of Silent Timber Build is to develop calculation models in order to make it possible to predict the sound insulation in multi-storey buildings with structural bearing systems made of wood. It will be possible in the same manner as for concrete. And, the good thing is, that due to recent research in projects such as AkuLite and AcuWood, we are now aware of which target values we should aim for. Both projects indicate that it is very important to include the very low frequencies (down to 20 Hz). This is a challenge not only for the wooden industry, but also for acousticians who have to take into concideration which theories should be applied in future calculation models", says Klas Hagberg Section Manager at WSP and coordinator of the European WoodWisdom-Net project Silent Timber Build.

Klas Hagberg continues:
"For the wooden industry it means that it will become possible to compete on an equal level in the future. The design of various acoustic parameters will be possible without the necessity of having to confirm each construction by building “test houses” and make additional adaptations on site, as is often the case today. Instead, it will be possible to build a virtual model of the building, make necessary modifications as changes are made and continuously ensure that the expected target values will be fulfilled for future wooden houses in Europe", says Klas.

The seminar will begin with two field trips in multi-storey buildings built with wooden frames in Stockholm. During day two, participants will be given the opportunity to listen to international scientists' ongoing and future work in the project.

Alexander Nyberg, Advisor construction and design
Swedish Wood
+46 72 561 72 36

Press contact:
Camilla Carlsson, Communications manager
Swedish Wood
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