Hardwearing floor with countless pattern options

ARTICLE A warm and visually appealing floor while focusing on sustainability.

The pieces cut out of CLT panels for window and door openings might usually be put to some kind of use, for example as studs, but as part of the EU-funded »Tillverka i Trä« (Make in Wood) project, design duo Sara Szyber and Marc Hoogendijk have demonstrated how these pieces are also a resource and a raw material that can be turned into new products, such as a hardwearing floor. One such product is a block floor with a variable pattern that still clearly showcases the layered structure of the Swedish-made CLT. The result is a warm and visually appealing floor that also promotes sustainability.

Cutting climate footprints 

White Architects were inspired to use this floor for the Swedish outdoor brand Houdini, which is seeking to cut its climate footprint. When creating the company’s new store, the focus was very much on reuse and the circular economy, hence the preservation of the original architecture. Sections of wood flooring in CLT were developed specifically for the site.

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