The pine lamp "Cone"

Applying their experimental work on light, the students at the school of furniture design have made their design ideas come to life in the Woodlights project.

"Cone" designed by Sebastian Dell´Uva. Photo: Olof Grind.

Cone is a customizable light fixture in pine for home and office. The shape is a meeting between organic and mechanical configurations. Instead of seeing the fixture as a single object - separated from the room - Cone is designed with the assumption that light and space acts as a whole. Through a customizable light fixture can the experience of the room easily change with light and shadows. The lighting can be directed, raise and lower and move freely between different luminaire stand. The stands are to table, wall, floor and ceiling. The inspiration for the shape comes from natural clusters such as shelf fungi - fungi that primarily live in trees - and cones of pine.

Sebastian Dell'uva, born in 1991, is studying his third year at Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies. During the studies, Sebastian interest in products that fit the urban nomad and exile living. The Cone series can be seen as a continuation of the pursuit of the exible but in this case dedicated to the "spatial" nomad.

Here you can read the press release "The pine lamp – a bright new take on an old favourite" and downloads photos..

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