The pine lamp "Helio"

Applying their experimental work on light, the students at the school of furniture design have made their design ideas come to life in the Woodlights project.

"Helio" designed by Olivia Öberg. Photo: Olof Grind.

Helio is a decorative and directable table lamp, designed with inspiration from human kind's fascination for and studies of space. The idea is derived from the greatest source of light in our proximity - the sun - and from this I've chosen to look at astronomical instruments and models such as armillary spheres, celestial globes and the heliocentric system. Much like our solar system the light source is in the center where it highlights what surround and encircles it. Since the lamp and it's surrounding rings are adjustable the user is allowed to interact and play with it to affect the light and shadows which makes it an exciting lighting tool. Old meets new in this lamp with Swedish pine, LED, powdercoated aluminum and details in brass.

Olivia Öberg has loved to create ever since she drew her first stick figure. She's doing her last year at Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies, has studied Visual Merchandising earlier on and has experience from working in an array of different materials such as ceramics, metal, wood and glass. Though she still loves to create her stick figures have turned into furniture and in her design process she often works with geometrical shapes and graphical expressions with sustainability in mind.

Here you can read the press release "The pine lamp – a bright new take on an old favourite" and downloads photos..

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