The pine lamp "L05"

Applying their experimental work on light, the students at the school of furniture design have made their design ideas come to life in the Woodlights project.

"L05" designed by Anders Henckel Nielsen. Photo: Olof Grind.

The idea behind the project is to create a series of lamps in which the same elements can perform several different functions for different locations in the home. By adding few elements, the lamp can be changed from a hanging lamp over the dining table into a table lamp on a desk. It can also be a floor lamp in the living room.
The starting point of the lamp is a design philosophy. Design should be created as an interaction between hand and mind, to the final product to fit both body and soul.
The shape of the luminaire arose through a process. In an attempt to not think, and instead let the hand work. Coincidences and natural forces has been crucial to the final shape. A design process where the disclosure creates mold and product. The lamp was shaped in a primitive process where a stick was pressed into the soft display tube. The result was a light fixture that naturally embraces the stick that remain and act as support.

Here you can read the press release "The pine lamp – a bright new take on an old favourite" and downloads photos.

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