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Photo Magnus Glans

Nicholas James Soubiea

Nicholas James Soubiea has taken the Swedish Windsor chair tradition and interpreted it in his own way. Much of his work has focused on simplifying the design language of the classic Windsor chair and distilling it into a clear and simple design.

Nicholas feels that pine is different to other Swedish woods and has properties that the design has to adapt to. In his chair, the material is what makes the impact, along with the shape. 

In Scandinavia, traditional Windsor chairs are made from birch, have seven vertical spindles in the back and an H-shaped crosspiece between the four legs. Nicholas has instead worked in solid pine with elements of brass. 

“We have had many discussions about whether it is really necessary to bring in another material. For me it is important that every detail has a function. The brass rods are therefore not just decorative. They are an elegant and eye-catching detail that stabilises the whole chair. The little turning at the bottom of the chair leg brings a touch of lightness to an otherwise quite robust piece of furniture.”

When the chair is not in use, Nicholas wants it to serve as a design feature that arouses curiosity and gives the home a certain status. The chair lends itself well to colour, but whether it is stained or painted, the pine will always shine through. 

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