Ottis - DesigninPine

Photo Magnus Glans

Elin Eliasson

In her concept “Fairytales from nature”, Elin Eliasson has attempted to capture the magic in nature. She has created a little fairytale figure in the form of a pine cone, which has also lent its name to her storage system – Ottis. Inspiration for the shape comes from the solid pine itself, the forest’s composition of long trunks, varied levels and shapely gaps, plus small hidden spaces.

The system comprises legs of different heights, along with frames and boxes. These various components can be used to create a whole collection of furniture. The boxes can be moved around within the set framework of the furniture, taking on the form and function of drawers and cupboards with a door and lid. These may also be used independently in the room. 

The gently whitewashed surface retains the wood’s natural character and lets the pine shine through. An accent colour has been used on selected parts of the furniture to create interest in the way the boxes are positioned. The colours are inspired by the Northern Lights and also recur in the felt that lines the underside of the bases.

Large-scale industrial production of furniture that will be delivered in a flat-pack sets the parameters for what one can do. 

“I have had to prioritise the important points on which to focus. Scaling back on how much I can do, reigning it all in and thinking again to make sure everything works in production.”

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