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Photo Magnus Glans

Maja Björnsdotter

Maja Björnsdotter loves to build systems and delve into technical production solutions. Having restrictions to tackle is a challenge she enjoys. The project with the Chinese furniture manufacturers has thus been a perfect fit for her.

“With my concept for The Crane, I have taken the long-legged bird and tried to depict a little of the symbolism associated with it. In Asia, the crane is a symbol of long life and immortality. It is admired for its elegance and its gracious movements, and also represents wisdom. From the collection I originally sketched out, I chose the bedside table as the item that was easiest to manufacture. 

The crane’s legs, with their prominent knees, give the table balance and stability. The feathers are echoed on the outside of the table, which is clad in pine shavings, with a simple colour palette giving a light and airy impression. The idea is for the table to in some way serve as a sculpture in a Chinese bedroom. It not only provokes thoughts of Scandinavia, but also conveys a touch of Eastern mysticism.”

Maja has found the assignment exciting, and feels that the furniture designed by the students shows the potential of pine in modern, large-scale furniture manufacture. She hopes that her bedside table sheds a more luxurious light on the material. 

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