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Photo Magnus Glans

Mikael Blomgren

Mikael Blomgren’s work begins in words, in his mind, where he shapes his picture of the mood he wants to convey and design around. And it is in the text that the concept takes shape. In this case, the focus is on Scandinavian nature in general and the forest in particular.

“My furniture is an interpretation of the forest’s gravitas. The beauty, the tranquillity and the mystique, reflected in the form and detail. A pine cone that has landed in the moss. The feature that with such calmness adds warmth, light and comfort. This is reflected in the handles, which are there to achieve the same feeling and imbue the room with the warmth of the forest. I have chosen a finish that retains the natural light shade of the pine.” 

Mikael’s furniture is about both functionality and look, where the function is both storage and decoration. He has worked to achieve a production-friendly design and created a piece of furniture that he himself would be happy to own.

The project has given him a greater insight into what his role as a designer will involve – not only being an artist, but also a design consultant who is available to meet a particular need. 

“Being an explorer and a visionary is part of who I am, but somewhere there also has to be a concrete process for engaging with the clients.”

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