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Photo Magnus Glans

Hemmo Honkonen

Scandinavian nature inspired Hemmo Honkonen in his work on a shelving system intended for both public and private environments.

“The melting snow of early spring creates both expectation and curiosity. Dead branches stick up in the snow, offering exciting contrasts between light and dark, dead and alive. Things concealed in the snow emerge during the thaw,” says Hemmo, who appreciates the tactile values that pine conveys.

The storage shelf comprises four shelves, tops, legs and spacers that are screwed together to create a simple and stable structure that is suitable for both large-scale industrial manufacture and flat-pack transport. The system can readily be developed into a larger family, with each unit having a different application.

The shelving unit is intended to act more as a decorative element than would usually be the case for an item of storage. It provides somewhere for objects you want to put on display for yourself and others. The unit could easily be given pride of place as the room’s centrepiece – a mischievous item of furniture that draws the eye, moving and provoking emotions and thoughts in the observer.

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